About Aura Organic

Introduction of our store

At our salon, we offer aroma treatments by reservation only and in completely private rooms. In order for our customers to have a blissful time, we provide outstanding technology and service, as well as a healing space where you can truly relax.

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Hello everyone. My name is Ishino from AURA ORGANIC. My spirit as a therapist is to always be with the client. Even if we are a little far away, we are always with our customers and work together as a team. This is my position as a therapist. Through treatments, we believe that touching your body means touching your heart. My job is to touch and convey to customers the voices of their bodies and hearts in order to make them aware of their own voices. As long as my body moves, I will continue to dedicate my life to helping as many people as possible improve their bodies and minds. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, even if it is just a trivial matter. I hope we continue to have a wonderful relationship with each other.


  • Japan Aesthetics Association certified esthetician
  • AEAJ certified aroma therapist
  • Therapist certified by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, Government of Thailand
  • Balinese
  • hawaiian lomi lomi
  • Chiropractic Shiatsu
  • ayurveda
  • intestinal therapy
  • pelvic stretch
  • Eye head care reflexology
  • original aroma massage
  • Other various diploma acquisitions